Legend has it that every summer hot spot is born hippie, grows into hype, then falls dead in the water. This was true for Ibiza, Mykonos, Saint-Tropez, and, well, Capri. On this vital (and fatal) cycle, Comporta is now glorying in her dazzling coming of age, welcoming a happy mix of locals and out-of-towners who, season after season, hit this coastal G spot just 80 minutes out of Lisbon. And what a delight it is to reach Paradise by a direct and secure route and not the usual obstacle course that isolates and shelters other areas of erogenous tourism favored by the party crowd that got tired of the party.

Last summer, who was it that arrived on the scene to ask “Where’s the party?” but the one and only, Madonna, now newly Portuguese, if you please, choosing Portugal as her new digs forever and until the next tour. For those who still haven’t heard, she picked up and moved to good old Portugal. And, since then, Comporta has been having unusual days that are revolutionizing its peaceful routine at the edge of a cold and turquoiseAtlantic that laps kilometer after kilometer of sand dunes that shift their shape with the wind.

It’s still too soon to say whether all of the surrounding area, still beautifully deserted, will be divided by the pre-Madonna and post-Madonna eras, but better get there soon, in time to experience what is so special in the semi-virgin landscape. There are few (and fantastic) hotels and restaurants, making the“skyline” unique and popular – Sal, for example, was elected the world’s best beach bar by the Condé Nast Traveler, last year. There’s plenty of space for the future to arrive, we only hope that progress doesn’t show up in tourbusses.

And, with so much sand to expand in, real estate ventures are sprouting up on the horizon, ready to transform the serene-looking landscape, through for now all that is just a mirage for anybody showing up in search of tranquility. Its developers promise to maintain the beach side spirit that made Comporta into one of the best kept secrets of the northern seas, even though everyone knows that pop doesn’t stop once it starts. Madonna, when you come, come quietly.